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The Quest for the Perfect Birthday Books...

So this is meant to be a very fast post (I hope!), just to occasionally dip my oar into the wonderfully stimulating world of book blogging.  I've been working for three weeks as a medical transcriptionist in the pathology department in a hospital (I've now typed up autopsies! which are intriguing and also sad) and am starting to settle in there a bit.  I'm going to be learning things there for years about medical terminology and all the quirky things doctors do, trying to decipher their written scrawls and their verbal mumbles!  It's not exactly my dream job, but it's also very far from the worst job I've ever had and I definitely like having a desk of my very own and the ability to put on my headphones and just type without having to smile or be friendly or do any customer service at all.  For an introvert, it's a very refreshing change. Anyways, on to the book discussion!  I've found that when I'm at home, since I've been staring at a comput

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